Rainbow Moonstone New Beginnings Necklace with neon yellow thread


This Rainbow Moonstone Necklace has been delicately crafted by hand using a neon yellow thread


-Metal : 14ct Gold Vermeil 

-Gemstone : Rainbow Moonstone

-Length : 16" with extender chain which extends by 5 and 10cm 

-Bead size : 3-4mm

-Thread : Neon yellow knotted 


Rainbow Moonstone is known for its soothing energy and ability to restore balance.  Wearing this gemstone is said to be like carrying around a rainbow because of the hope and optimism it inspires. It can assist you in feeling open to new opportunities and beginnings. 

We seek out stones for their unique beauty, and all of the gemstones are authentic and made by mother earth (who in our humble opinion is the best designer in the world

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