The crystals you receive when you make a purchase with us, have been cleared and charged on our mother quartz crystal There is no shortage of crystal charging methods, so how do you know which method is right for you? The best bet is to simply follow your intuition

1. Place them under the full moon.

The full moon is a powerful point in the lunar cycle, and it works wonders for clearing and charging your favourite crystals. All you have to do is place the crystal outside on the ground, overnight on the night of the full moon, to charge it with lunar energy.

2. cleanse your crystals with smoke

To cleanse your stones by burning sacred herbs, pass your stones through the smoke (you can use herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, or cedar) or incense (such as sandalwood, lavender, or jasmine) for approximately two to three minutes,"

3. Sunlight

Using the natural resources of the earth to charge crystals is extremely powerful. Your crystals can be charged by sunlight

4. Soil

Sit them in the soil. Allow your crystals to reform their connection with the earth by burying them in soil overnight. Don't not worry if you don’t have a garden, because an indoor plant with soil can be just as powerful. Of course please put your jewellery in a little cotton bag.

5. With intention

Take your necklace in your hand and sit in the peace and quiet. The crystalline structure of these stones are said to hold thoughts and energies, so allow yourself to sit and say an intention out loud for what you would like each crystal to hold for you. For example, Amethyst please help me to relieve stress and bring me a sense of calm and clarity.


How to Manifest your Dreams


Establish what it is you want to manifest and be clear on what it is.


Don’t hold onto resistance and limiting beliefs.


Visualise what you want to manifest. Feel the energy of what you want to experience. Imagine how it makes you feel and feel the energy of already being there.


Place your manifestation memo in a place you can see it. Remind yourself of your manifestation memo in the morning and evening.


Surrender yourself to the universe. You are in collaboration. Trust the process. The universe’s plan always exceeds yours and will lead to higher good.


While you may not get everything you envision in the order and time frame you want, you should receive and acknowledge what you do get- no matter how big or small it may be. Keep a gratitude diary to appreciate the things that you are grateful for and don’t be afraid to receive and acknowledge signs from the universe.