Labradorite ‘Positivity’ Heishi Necklace


Our Labradorite 'Positivity' crystal necklace has been delicately handcrafted. The spectrum of colours naturally occurring within this crystal creates an iridescent and transfixing effect which makes for an eye catching jewellery piece.


Metal : 14ct Gold Vermeil 

Gemstone : Labradorite 

Length : 16" length with extender chain which adjusts by up to 5cm 

Bead size :5-6mm 


Labradorite crystals are semi-precious gemstones which are widely known for their properties of 'magic' and 'protection'.  It is a healing crystal which has the ability to collect negative vibrations and release positives ones, enhancing the mood of the wearer.  

We seek out stones for their unique beauty, and all of the gemstones are authentic and made by mother earth (who in our humble opinion is the best designer in the world)

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